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Troy, Lesa, Gizmo and The Toys
White Lightning Modifications

A work in progress.................


Well, I added marker lights down both sides of White Lightning a couple of weeks ago!  They turned out GREAT!  Pictures are below.  The measurements that I used for placement are as follows:  The length of the WHITE step side panel from the leading edge to the trailing edge is 104 1/2 inches.  I placed the light assembly centers 23 inches apart from each other.  The first light assembly center point is 5 1/2 inches aft of the leading edge of the WHITE step panel.  The second light center point is 28 1/2, the third is 51 1/2, the forth is 74 1/2, and the 5th is 97 1/2 inches aft of the leading edge of the WHITE step panel.  Three holes are drilled for each light assy.  I used a 1 1/8 inch DeWalt hole saw bit to drill the center hole for each assy at the measurements listed earlier.  I then went back and use the appropriate drill bit size to drill the mount bolt holes.  All holes center point are 1 1/4 inch ABOVE the bottom lip of the panel.  They look great in the day and AWESOME at night.  I have had several positive comments on them already.  I wired them into the stock Volvo trailer Umbilical attatch fitting.  The job took me 8 hours from start to finish.  Here's a little hint that will make your install time a couple hours less......Mark ALL the holes at once and drill them all at once!  I measured, drilled, and installed one light assembly at a time instead of doing it the assembly line way!

Maxxima 5 L.E.D. clearance marker light assembly
I paid $12.49 each for these at a Volvo/Kenworth dealership

Left side from rear with new lights

Right side from afar with new lights

Closeup of right side lights

Closeup of right forward side light
Center of light is 5 1/2 inches aft of fwd edge of white step panel, 1 1/4 inch up from bottom lip

Aft right side light closeup
Closeup of right aft light

Night Pic of Lights
This was taken at night, but the flash kinda overpowered the lights. They are PLENTY bright.

Troy, Lesa, Gizmo and The Toys

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